Dr. Tin T. Le MD

Dr. Tin Le, MD
Dr. Tin Le, MD

April 30, 1975 was an important day in history. Most remember that as the date Saigon fell to communist North Vietnam, and images of that day are engrained in many older American’s minds. That was also the day that Dr. Tin Le, MD and his family escaped and eventually came to the United States by way of the Phillipines and Guam.

When they escaped, they left businesses, houses, cars, and all possessions except what money they could get and a small bag each with one set of clothes and shoes. They also left some family and friends behind.

When asked if they were frightened about coming to a new country, Dr. Le said they had a choice — liberty or to live under a communist regime, and they chose liberty.

Dr. Le has been serving our community since 1987 and has dedicated his life to provide medical services for our community. It has been his pleasure serving all who have come through our doors.

Dr. Le and his family are thankful to God for His grace and mercy and to America for all the opportunities that freedom allows.